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Born and Raised in Canada way too long ago and fortunate enough to live where I want to in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in the Denver Colorado area.
My Uncle was an accomplished Quebec artist as was my Mother.
I learned some from them and being a CDN Air Force brat in some pretty low things to do Air-Force bases with way too many short and cold northern days
I remember spending a lot of time drawing at the kitchen table while the monotonous (to me) sounds of NHL games were going off in the other room.
So between genes, monotony and an unusual imagination, I ended up artistically where I am today.
Comments are very welcome as are any ideas on commissioned work.
Offers to buy are also appreciated and welcome. Contact me today if you like; I can be reached @
I'm very easy to talk to and welcome any thoughts and inquiries.

All out of Denver area sales of original work are subject to shipping fees to include and tax (where I have to ask for it) packaging and insurance for shipping in addition to the price of the art which vary with size and destination etc.

I ship from the Denver Colorado area and do so with terrific gratitude!
I use the best packaging and shipping facility in my area and get the best pricing which I happily pass on to you.

Satisfaction is guaranteed, reviews are always welcome and your visit here is my honor.


Pretty Boy Mickey by Eric Dee


Jack by Eric Dee


Henry Wadsworth Longfellow by Eric Dee


Mick Jagger - Street Fighting Man by Eric Dee


Jimi Hendrix - Manic Depression by Eric Dee


Texas Blues Man- SRV by Eric Dee


John Lennon - Shades of Blue by Eric Dee


Gonzo - Hunter S. Thompson by Eric Dee


Sympathy Symphony by Eric Dee


Jim Morrison - Notes by Eric Dee


Johnny Cash - Tennessee Whisky by Eric Dee


Tom Waits - Shore Leave - Charlene by Eric Dee


Audrey Hepburn - Breakfast by Eric Dee


Chet Baker - Almost Blue by Eric Dee


James Dean 1955 by Eric Dee


Townes Van Zandt by Eric Dee


James Dean - Picture in a Picture Show by Eric Dee


D-Note by Eric Dee


Alan Jackson - In the Real World by Eric Dee


Lost and Found Nude by Eric Dee


Sophia Loren by Eric Dee


New Farm Help by Eric Dee


Mein Schnurrbart by Eric Dee


The Clown by Eric Dee


Michelangelos Creation of Adam 1510 by Eric Dee


Unkelora - Discount Babysitter by Eric Dee


Neal Cassady - On The Road by Eric Dee


Down by Eric Dee


My Way - Frank Sinatra by Eric Dee


Vito Andolini Corleone by Eric Dee


Yesterday by Eric Dee


Charles R. Darwin by Eric Dee


Dark Poet by Eric Dee


James Dean Blues by Eric Dee


T by Eric Dee



Marmalade Skies by Eric Dee


Shane Macgowan Fairytale of New York by Eric Dee


Man in Black and Blue by Eric Dee


Dad JWDee RIP 1927 2013 by Eric Dee


Tony Montana and Friend by Eric Dee


Man in Black's Back by Eric Dee


Baby Nap by Eric Dee


M.Ethridge by Eric Dee


Oscar de la Hoya vs Manny Pacquiao by Eric Dee


Albert Einstein by Eric Dee


Pop Pops' Pick Up by Eric Dee


All Together Johnny Cash by Eric Dee


Burma Shave 1979 by Eric Dee